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You can train all you want but if you’re not eating enough of the right foods at the right time you’re never going to gain strength, speed, muscle, or improve overall performance!  Athletes don’t diet and exercise. Athletes eat and train! We remove the confusion on what to eat and how much to eat so athletes and individuals can gain muscle, lose fat, and live a healthy lifestyle!

Erika W. Soccer

Results: Gained muscle, and power, and earned a D1 Scholarship with Illinois State! “Wendi helped me build a fueling plan that taught me exactly what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat around games and practice. Wendi coached my twin brother who also plays soccer in college. High school athletes need this information!”

Brad L.- Athletic Director, Texas

Results: Our middle school and high school athletes gained strength, and energy, and had a better understanding of supplement safety NWW sports nutrition presentations. The athletes learned how much to eat, when to eat, and how to properly fuel games and tournaments. This made a difference in their energy in the weight room These sports nutrition resources are a MUST!”

Ryan C. – Baseball

Results: Gained 20+ lbs of muscle! “Wendi’s program will hold you accountable to improve your strength, power, and overall performance. High school baseball athletes train hard but lack nutrition which holds you back. Especially if you plan to play in college. This program was clear, simple, and easy to follow!”

Busy Father- Mark, Ohio

Results: Lost 80 lbs. Gained confidence, strength, and more energy throughout the Men’s Fat Loss Coaching Program! “Wendi and her coaching program will change your life and help you get to where you want to go no matter what life obstacles you’re facing! Lose the weight and keep it off!

Gracie L. Basketball

Results: I had no idea how much to eat before games and was often fatigued. Following my meal plan and being coached by an NWW-registered dietitian was a game-changer for me! I felt less muscle soreness, was able to bounce back from an injury faster and gain strength with their help. Simple changes to my nutrition made a huge difference! Thank you, NWW!

Raegan D. Volleyball

Results:  “Playing my high school season has been so much easier with gaining 15 lbs of muscle by following my custom meal plan! I have so much more energy, I know what to eat before and after games, and I no longer feel achy and sore. My coach told me I needed to add size when I arrived next year to play at MTSU so we hired Wendi for nutrition coaching. My mom and I know exactly what to pack for tournaments and how to time meals. Thank you, Wendi!”

Welcome to NWW! I’m Wendi Irlbeck

Daughter of Christ, Master of Science, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Sports Nutritionist,  Fitness and Lifestyle Coach, Writer, and Motivational Speaker!

Wendi is a follower of Jesus Christ. Wendi and her team integrate a faith and food-first approach into coaching and nutrition education plans. Wendi uses her God-given talents, gifts, skills, and abilities to empower health, inspire positive change, and support prosperity among young teen girls and boys as well as college-aged athletes and individuals. We can speak to your team, at a strength and conditioning conference, a coaches convention, a parent orientation, a clinic, or your next wellness event!


We serve the Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, and Green Hills communities in the great state of Tennessee and nationwide. We can speak on game-day fueling, weight loss, nutrient timing, and any other health and performance nutrition topic you’d like. If you are not local to us we can still coach you remotely! Our custom high school athlete and college sports nutrition plans and programs will take you from good to GREAT!

Do you want to increase your speed, endurance, strength and be in the best shape of your life? We can help.

We specialize in helping athletes build consistent meal habits, gain lean mass THE RIGHT WAY, and improve sleep routine, recovery nutrition, nutrient periodization, and overall nutrition to optimize health and physical performance! We proudly serve the greater Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, and Green Hills Tennesse area!

Interested in educating your team, school, or a group of professionals? We’ll be happy to share our knowledge with you.

We partner with high schools, boarding schools, colleges, and universities nationwide. We are based in Nashville, Tennessee but we can serve you virtually and remotely! We provide sports nutrition presentations on nutrient timing, fueling game day, creatine supplementation, protein powders, supplement safety, muscle gain, fat loss, and more.

Get the results you work so hard for with a clear-cut plan from an expert registered dietitian and certified sports nutritionist!

Our goal is to give you the science-based guidance, tools, systems, and processes to help you get in the best shape and health of your life. Whether that’s losing some extra weight or breaking personal records regularly with improved strength, endurance, and speed.


We start with teaching you how to fuel your body and go from there.

Find out if our health or sports nutrition coaching

is for you!

“Wendi educated our athletes on how to properly eat and fuel their training sessions and games. We met regularly over the course of 3 months onsite and virtually. Wendi provided tips on how to help parents plan team dinners and the best way to build muscle and recover from training! She cares deeply about athletes and helps females understand the value of proper eating and fueling for a healthy relationship with food.”

Boaz, AL High School Baseball, Volleyball, XC, Softball, and Football program

“Working with Wendi helped me understand how to properly fuel my body and that I needed more carbohydrates as a cross country and track and field athlete. We met on ZOOM regularly to review my nutrition, iron levels, and other labs, and she provided me a custom fueling plan. The right foods at the right time helped me gain more energy and speed! I started to recover better after my runs once I followed her plan.”

Caroline Schoen, Flossmoor HS, IL

Columbia University XC and TF 2023 comitt

“Working with Wendi was awesome! She helped me clear up my B12 deficiency, reduce acid reflux, lose 62 lbs, prepare for cycling competitions, and build healthy habits which included more protein! I highly recommend her services to anyone. She even helps plant-based eaters like me!”

Medical Professional

“Wendi and I met virtually for several weeks. She developed a custom plan to add muscle with simple guidelines that made it easy to follow. I was able to go from 174 lbs to 198 lbs in roughly five months! She helped me with an eating routine and fueling plan around training that also helped me recover stronger and faster! I highly recommend anyone work with Wendi if they want to be elite and gain lean mass the right way. Thank you, Wendi!”

Ryan C.

Sac State Baseball, California

carson 2022

“Wendi helped me understand what to eat at meals and snacks to gain weight. Along with the timing of my meals. We discussed sleep and drinking more fluid. I immediately had more energy in class and at training with her tips. “

Florida HS Football Athlete

“She has been working so hard in the pool, weight room and her nutrition. Fueling played a huge part in her success. Thank you Coach Sydney for all your help and advice.”

Mom of high school athlete

Partner with us and we will help you transform your body, life, and team with our total health and wellness approach that integrates faith, nutrition, mental health, performance, and recovery!

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