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Greetings, I’m Wendi Irlbeck

Daughter of Christ, Master of Science, Registered Dietitian, Certified Sports Nutritionist Health, Healthy Lifestyle Coach, and Mentor

Welcome to Nutrition with Wendi! We are so glad you are here! I am a proud faith-based dietitian utilizing my God-given talents, gifts, skills, and abilities to empower health, inspire positive change, support growth, and prosperity among individuals, groups, families, and more! Nutrition with Wendi is a remote and virtual private that is Christ-centered with a focus on science and application.

Growing up I loved playing any sport! I was a competitive runner and softball player. I have always been intrigued by the role certain foods played in my energy, mood, health, and athletic performance. I quickly fell in love with the science behind the nutrition certain foods offered my body and how it influenced my focus in the classroom and on the field as a competitive athlete. I’m extremely enthusiastic and compassionate to utilize my experience and knowledge to help others excel in their health, wellness, and performance goals!

With a plan, hard work, faith in Jesus, dedication, and accountability all things are possible! Be bright, be bold, be you and YOU CAN be successful at anything you commit yourself to.

Interested in learning more about nutrition or taking your health and performance to the next level? Take my free online assessment to see if I’m a good fit for you!

Who do I work with?

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Competitive and Recreational Athletes

Quality food choices can help you prepare for your next event with greater success.

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Business Professionals

Life is fast-paced, let me teach you how to fuel your body and mind between meetings and events! Corporate wellness services are also available to improve the health and morale among your organization.

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Coaches, Groups, and Organizations

Nutrition education, speaking engagements or fueling for sports presentations to teams of all sizes.

How Does It Work?


Online Nutrition Coaching Assessment

Begin by completing our online nutrition coaching assessment form to identify your desired needs for consulting with a registered dietitian or performance coach. This is the first step in also seeking Wendi’s expertise for speaking, coaching, podcats, and more!


Initial Consultation

We will review your assessment and schedule a 15-minute discovery call to explore how we can partner together to reach your desired goals!



We design individualized meal programs, nutrition programs, workouts, grocery lists, and more that are tailored specifically for you and your goals.


A Healthier and Christ Centered You!

We work together on an interval that makes sense for your health and performance goals for guidance and accountability for sustainable results.

Let’s Work together to Achieve Your Goals and Get Results!

Achieve Body Composition Goals

Increase Strength & Endurance

Improve Energy & Mood

Meal Planning

Prevent Injury & Decrease the Risk of Disease

Reduce Stress

Improve Relationship with Food

Overall Health

Improve Fitness

I Work With a Wide Range of Expertise Including

Obesity/Fat Loss Meal Planning for Families Picky Eating Weight Gain
Constipation & Other GI Disorders Disease Prevention Adolescent & Adult Performance Nutrition Healthy Eating for Kids & Adults


“Wendi is so motivational. She texts me daily to see how I am doing and reminds me often that she is proud of my progress! Since working with Wendi, I have such a better understanding of how my food choices affect my athletic performance. Wendi has provided me with personalized nutritional guidance that has significantly reduced my headaches and helped me stay focused in my classes. I play outside back and this position requires me to do a lot of running. I have also worked with Wendi on increasing my water intake and quality snacks to support appetite for sustainable energy. Overall, I have a better understanding of what foods and drinks impact my performance, along with timing around my games and practices. Since gaining this knowledge, I have had so much more energy on the field. It was important to me and my family that I worked with someone who had the nutritional knowledge, passion and an understanding of what I face as a female, student and athlete. Wendi possesses each of these great qualities! ‘Without a doubt I would recommend Wendi to any athlete!”

I was fortunate enough to hear Wendi speak at the 2020 NHSSCA Michigan State. She did an outstanding job blending her nutritional expertise with practical, real life tips and recommendations. Not only is Wendi well versed in current sports nutrition research, but Wendi understands the demands our athletes endure beyond the weight room and classroom. Wendi was able to answer many of the diverse and challenging questions asked by coaches at the clinic with patience and respect. With questionable information available from a multitude of sources instantaneously, Wendi relies on the peer reviewed research to form her opinions. Most importantly, it quickly became clear to me that she works with the athlete’s best interest in mind.

Wendi Irlbeck uses evidence-based practices to coach her nutrition clients in the most scientific way possible. She also uses behavioral coaching as opposed to complex and restrictive meal plans which create adherence difficulties. Wendi is an accomplished public speaker and shares a plethora of knowledge through her daily clever, yet easy to understand social media posts. I refer my complex nutrition clients directly to Wendi and she never disappoints. I would recommend Nutrition with Wendi for all your sports nutrition needs.

Over the past year Wendi and I have developed a great partnership. Wendi’s knowledge in the health and nutrition field is evident in all aspects. I appreciate Wendi’s passion and dedication to this industry. Her attention to detail and creative approach in teaching our youth about nutrition is fantastic. I look forward to future projects and brainstorm sessions with her!

Wendi is an extremely knowledgeable professional on the topics of sports nutrition and it’s impact on athletic performance and daily life. Wendi possesses the ability to build trust with her athletes in order to teach them how to properly fuel themselves to optimize performance. Wendi is a practitioner who conducts her work using evidence based science. She develops individualized plans for athletes based on their goals and needs, I would confidently refer my athletes to her and know they are getting quality assistance. I consider myself lucky to have learned from and worked with Wendi during our time at the University of Wisconsin-Stout!

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To the “Health coaches” 🤡who promote their “21-day fix” or “30-day cleanse”, my real question is.. But then what happens? If your methods aren’t sustainable your results won’t be. Stop dieting folks & start making small sustainable changes so you won’t have to ever “re-start”.🎤

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Nutrition with Wendi
Do you eat enough protein⁉️Do you know what protein sources are ⁉️Do you wonder why our protein needs increase with activity or aging⁉️🤔 🤷‍♀️ Protein is a macronutrient that is vital to 💪building muscle mass. Most commonly found in animal products, though is also present in other 🌱sources like soy and peas. Protein is also found in nuts and legumes in lesser amounts.What does protein do❓📈Protein enhances muscle mass, strength, endurance, muscle recovery and power.📉Decreases inflammation, muscle protein breakdown.📝Here’s a few high-quality protein sources:🥩Beef🥚Eggs🐟Fish🥛Dairy🍤Shrimp🍗Poultry🥄Beans 🌱Pea proteinReasons to eat more high-quality protein daily-Muscle growth-Strengthens bones-Hormone regulation-Aids in quicker recovery-Supports lean mass gains-Suppresses appetite and promotes satiety-Prevents chronic ailments associated with aging-Protects immune system against illness and injury-Aids in weight loss during times of energy restrictionAre you getting enough 🥩high-quality protein in your meals⁉️ 🎯Adults should aim for 25-40g at a minimum per meals. Of course you can increase or decrease your protein to support your goals! As it always depends! 🤔What about our youth?A 2015 in the Journal of Nutrition found that adolescents who consumed high-protein afternoon snacks showed improved 📈appetite, satiety and diet quality. The teens also had improved moods and better 🧠cognition.Power up with protein + produce‼️Swipe to learn more⏭⏭⏭🖥Check the link in our bio or on 🍉NWW website for protein blogs and recommendations!#Creatine #athlete #fatloss #health #healthyaging ... See MoreSee Less
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My mission is to help you feel empowered and more confident in all aspects of life through tailored nutrition counseling and education. Find out how by taking your free assessment today.