One-On-One Coaching Sessions with Wendi Irlbeck

Custom health, fitness and nutrition consultation services

I offer tailored nutrition counseling and education with access to face-to-face, phone or telehealth visits. My services are aimed at addressing specific goals such as lifestyle, training, current nutrient intake, disease management and assessment demands.

How Does It Work?


Online Assessment

Start with my online assessment to identify where you’re currently at in your journey to optimal health or athletic performance!


Initial Consultation

I’ll review your assessment and schedule a 20 minute call to discuss how we could work together to reach your desired goals.



I design individualized meal plans, workouts, grocery lists, and more that are tailored specifically for you and your goals.


A Better You

We work together on an interval that makes sense for your health and performance goals for guidance and accountability for sustainable results.

I can help you

Achieve Weight Goals

Increase Strength

Improve Endurance

Plan Meals

Prevent Injury

Reduce Stress

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No surprise but activity was associated🔗with ⬇️stress,⬆️mood and a lower body mass index, and moderate to vigorous activity with lower body fat and BMI.

Some exercise is good, more is better.
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Sharing a nutrition for soccer performance presentation I delivered back in April with

Grateful for the opportunity to virtually connect with so many organizations across the country during tough times.
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My mission is to help you feel empowered and more confident in all aspects of life through tailored nutrition counseling and education. Find out how by taking your free assessment today.