Family Nutrition Coaching

We work with families with children as young as 4 YO ! You and your family can sit down with us on-site or virtually to discuss what to eat at meals and how to plan healthy snacks on the run!

We have worked with many families that struggle to eat well, have picky eaters in the home, or just simply need more ideas on how to fuel an active lifestyle! Stop spinning your wheels with the confusion of diets and what to eat.



We will give you the tools and plan to follow to reach your goals!

Healthy children = healthy adults.

Kids take little bites so let’s make those bites count!


Take this journey together and learn how to eat and fuel for life.

Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Nutrition Coaching or Family Nutrition Coaching

How will we connect?

Once you invest in the package we will send you a welcome email and reach out to schedule you and your famiy within 48 hours!!!

Group video calls are held over Zoom. We communicate via email and phone as needed between sessions. By sharing my screen of resources you and your family are able to learn the proper portions and foods to consume for your health. We also save money by learning how to meal prep!

What can I expect?

Each session focuses on a different nutrition topic, including how to create healthy and balanced meals, healthy snacking, meal timing, grocery shopping on a budget, and building healthy life-long habits.


In each session, family members will have the ability to ask questions and discuss food trends and what is best for their unique situation.

What if we have young kids?

That’s no problem! We have worked with children and very picky eaters as young as 4 years old!


We help children of all ages, activity levels, and eating styles (vegan, vegetarian, plant-based) to meet nutrient needs.

What if I need support between sessions?

Each group will be invited to a private Facebook group with the other MEMBERS and Wendi. In this group, you’re welcome to ask any questions and share ideas. Everything shared in this group will remain confidential between you, the other members, and Wendi.

How will we join the call?

Family nutrition calls are available via Zoom , Skype, Facetime. You and your family can jump on the link provided no matter where you are. Many families we work with have traveling parents or kids that are in a different locations. That is the beauty of the technology we can all log in no matter where we are located!

What if I or my children have food allergies?

No problem! We can review your food allergies, intolerances, and any concerns you have with your or your children’s nutrition to prevent nutrient deficiencies. That is why you partner with a registered dietitian to ensure you are properly caring for your and your children’s bodies.

What’s the investment?

Family nutrition coaching is a great investment to learn healthy habits for life. Healthy children = healthy adults.

How can I get started?

Contact us today if you have any questions that maybe aren’t answered in our frequently asked questions.


You can email or you can call/text Coach Wendi 507-202-5287 or Coach Sydney 629-281-1127