Partnering with sports med staff, high school, college, and strength coaches, parents, educators, and club programs!

High school, collegiate, and club presentations

  • Performance nutrition tailored toward your sport
  • Motivational talk for your team or organization (How to build grit and resilience)
  • Nutrition post-surgery or injury repair
  • Sleep and recovery nutrition
  • Supplement safety (covering creatine monohydrate, protein powders, and vitamin D) –What is safe and permissible? We break it down for you and your program!
  • Nutrition for hockey, football, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, track, XC, swimming, LAX, and soccer
  • Building a fueling station for your HS or Collegiate program
  • Weight gain and weight loss for teen and adult athletes
  • Workday warrior nutrition (training for your next marathon or 10k as an adult)
  • Nutrient timing (what to eat before and after activity)
  • Game day nutrition

Have us speak at your sports parent orientation meeting.

Presentations are recorded or pre-recorded for your topic of choice after an initial discovery call.

Your program receives access to the recording + slide deck to share out.

Why Contract With Us?

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Performance Nutrition for High Schools & Collegiate Programs

Help your athletes eat and fuel for success with our custom partnership! We provide monthly team talks, QA sessions, and nutrition education resources with your school’s mascot! No longer will your athletes be unsure how to eat before a game or forget to pack their breakfast! 

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“Wendi’s coaching programs and presentations are exactly what you need to help your athletes gain lean mass, and understand the value nutrition plays in their health and performance! Your athletes need this.”

Dr. Michael Schaefer, Ed.D.
Head Football Coach Bishop Ready High School


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Partnership with Sports Med & Coaches

Not a dietitian? No problem, we have helped many OTs, PTs, MDs, DOs, RNs, PAs, CPTs, and sports coaches with their nutrition support. We walk alongside your program to help with the nutritional resources to help you and your practice succeed! 

We offer you presentations, handouts, and educational materials that you can implement and serve as a credible source for your clients, athletes, and patients! Custom build by Wendi along with video and graphics you can put your logo on!

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Available to use as a source to educate student, athletes, coaches, sports med staff, and also serve as a fantastic resource! The most updated resources of pre-workout, post-workout, weight gain, creatine supplementation, sample meals, and MORE. Click 👇

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Nutrition with Wendi
💊Supplements won't offer you the same nutrition benefits that whole foods do! 💰Not only is eating real food healthier it's also more beneficial for your gut health and wallet!Buy items in bulk and pick out the store brand to save money!💪Eggs💪Steak💪Milk💪Tuna & chicken packets💪String cheese, Greek yogurt or cottage cheese#grocery #athlete #dietitian #health #fitness #collegeathlete #highschool #sportsnutrition #fitness #fatloss #nashville #dieting #sportsperformance #weightlifting #exercise #protein #carbs #caffeine #hydrate #speed #power #weightloss #weightgain #walmart #money #budgeting #millionaire #grocery ... See MoreSee Less
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