See what others have to say about working with Wendi Irlbeck

I cannot say enough good things about working with Wendi and what a valuable asset she is to the nutrition industry! The content that she delivered during our NWC Performance clinic was informative and applicable.  Wendi did a phenomenal job transcribing her expert opinion into digestible information for our attendees.

I commend her for explaining, debunking and identifying pros and cons of various diet strategies, and how they may help, hinder, or play no role in human performance.  The guidance and recommendations she expanded upon provided simple tactics that could be implemented the next day.  On a more personal level, I can vehemently profess that my own nutritional strategies have transformed based on the content that she delivered and through interacting with her social media content.

Wendi also displayed great resilience, perseverance, and flexibility, as we had to transition our face-to-face clinic to an online webinar format.  Open communication and the passion to tailor her presentation to the attendees we serve created a rewarding experience for all involved.

The confidence she exuded while presenting created a warm and inviting atmosphere that fostered a great learning environment.

My overall experience with Wendi was exceptional and distinctly professional and I look forward to a continued relationship with her.

Therefore, if you are looking for someone to lead your nutrition counseling and education, I emphatically recommend Wendi!

Kyle “Coach Ox” Ochsner, MS, SCCC, Director of Athletic Performance & Professor of Kinesiology at Northwestern College (IA)