Nutrition with Wendi Testimonial: Cheryl Famulak


See why so many are raving about the special and unique benefits of partnering with Wendi and Nutrition with Wendi


“Carson gained lean mass, more energy, and a better outlook on nutrition after working with Wendi. Carson and his family enrolled in coaching with Wendi and they saw changes almost immediately. Carson’s dad even lost 15 lbs while applying the healthy eating tips and making changes.”

“Wendi’s programs and coaching are a game changer. Work with her and her team to get to where you want. It is worth the investment!”

-Mike, Carson’s Father







“My teenage daughter has been working with Wendi over the past couple of months and it has been well worth it!  Wendi truly cares to help my child learn how to properly fuel her body and make her nutrition a priority.  Wendi has taught her how to know her needs and how to make nutrition a lifestyle, not just something temporary. It’s so easy to throw nutrition aside, however, learning a healthy lifestyle is a skill that will last a lifetime. Whether an athlete or not, teen or adult, having Wendi help you understand proper nutrition, not fad diets, will help you live and feel your best.  My daughter looks forward to their meetings (now that says something for a teen), and Wendi sincerely wants her to succeed as a person, student, and athlete. Wendi is so much more than a dietitian; she’s inspirational and wants you to be your best!  Hiring Wendi will be worth the investment!”

-Amy Klein, mother of Lily

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