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Meet Cheryl Famulak- Mom of Soccer Athelte

Cheryl discusses her experience of being a mom looking for a resource to better equip her daughter, Emma for health both on and off the field. Cheryl specifically describes the benefits of working with Wendi to help Emma hydrate, and build proper eating habits that allowed her to achieve her goal as a D1 soccer player.

Meet Madisonville, Texas Athletic Director Rusty Nail

“Wendi connected with our athletes and provided them with practical tips to improve their strength, speed, power, and improve their recovery. The presentations helped empower the athletes to know what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat it. We integrated a fueling station that offers our athletes the recommendations Wendi made. Our football players were less injured during camp and experienced less cramping. I highly recommend the NWW partnership and services to any high school or college out there! Wendi will get you where you want to go and you’ll see huge improvements in 6 months! Her content, coaching, and services are next to none! Thank you, Wendi!”

carson 2022

High School Football Athlete, Carson

“Wendi helped me understand what to eat at meals and snacks to gain weight. Along with the timing of my meals.  We discussed sleep and drinking more fluid. I immediately had more energy in class and at training with her tips. She makes nutrition easy with her simple tips which are things I have struggled with in the past.”


 Elite High School Swimmer, Julia!

“I was swimming 6 days a week and not eating enough carbs or protein to fuel my workouts. My mom and I reached out to Wendi for a plan and we enrolled in coaching. After I learned what to eat before and after training I started to get stronger and faster! Packing simple snacks for school was also simple with the help of NWW.I swam 7 personal bests! I have never felt stronger. Thank you, NWW!”


Meet D1 Soccer Athlete Erika Wells

““Working with Wendi over the last 3 years on Zoom meetings has helped me gain strength and muscle, and improved my soccer! Wendi gave me continuous tips on what to eat before games, around my training, and even how to use creatine monohydrate! She helped me find protein-rich breakfast options to grab on the run. My mom and I always enjoyed meeting with her and getting the tips that gave me the cutting edge on the field. Wendi helped me understand that eating carbs and proteins is important to do around training. Something many soccer athletes skip out on and also just don’t eat enough. I fuel up and I have never felt better! I am continuing my soccer career at Illinois State Soccer! Thanks, Wendi I couldn’t have done this without you and my team of supporters!”

-Erika Wells, FC Pride, EC Varsity Soccer


Meet HS Basketball Star, Addi

“Working with Wendi helped me understand how important it is to eat balanced meals throughout the day. I was having muscle cramps and had no idea how to fix them. She got me into the habit of eating breakfast, drinking more water, and eating snacks between meals. My muscle cramps went away and I actually was able to gain 10 lbs over the last year. I have more energy and feel stronger than ever. I also tore my ACL and had to have surgery. Wendi’s plan helped me heal one month ahead of the doctor’s projected schedule for me. SEE HERE!  If you want to take your training and performance to the next level Wendi will help you get there!”


Meet Emilie and Ryan

We highly recommend Wendi! She helped us as a couple navigates through all of the fad diets and trends that are so overwhelming. She taught us how to simplify our choices of eating out and cooking at home and we have never felt better. We no longer feel the tired middle of the day, have more energy to work out together after work, and feel confident in what we are doing has been a game changer! Couples Nutrition Coaching will change your life if you’re willing to change your mindset. That is something Wendi taught us. We focused on small, consistent changes like more protein, water, and adding veggies. We now know exactly how to eat, train, and pack for trips because of Wendi’s systems. We truly had no idea how fasting and skipping meals were hindering us and leading to overeating. We like to eat out at restaurants and travel a lot. Most diets make you feel like you can’t do that. Wendi helped us learn we can pack meals and snacks that keep us energized during travel and still on point with our goals. Even as a health professional, I find health info overwhelming. Especially with gut health confusion. We worked on reducing certain gut irritants which really helped improve how we felt throughout the day. She reviewed our labs, and nutrition, and taught us how to grocery shop over zoom. We had no idea how to read a label and pick out healthy foods because of how confusing everything is and marketed as “health food”. We had an amazing experience working with Wendi and learned countless tips and tricks about nutrition and our overall health. Wendi goes above and beyond to hold you accountable and help you reach your goals! We wanted to improve our health as a team before we got married. The changes we made to our nutrition, sleep, and fitness helped us gain the confidence to take our engagement photos and begin our lives together on the right foot! NWW will help you and your family reach your goals with ease and save you the stress of knowing what to do! We highly recommend her services to any family, individual, and especially any couple out there!”

-Emilie O.D. and Ryan, Michigan


Meet Suraj, Medical Professional

“Working with Wendi on my nutrition and a local fitness coach I was able to lose 60 lbs, correct my B12 and iron deficiency as a vegetarian, gain more energy during the day seeing patients, eliminate my acid reflux, and improve my daily energy! I was struggling to get into a routine and did not know what to do but a fellow provider friend of mine at the clinic I work referred me to Wendi. We did a consult, and she provided me recommendations on meals, calories, and snacks, and we went to work! So many doctors do not know what to eat and we only receive limited education on nutrition so getting the facts on what to do made it simple to follow. I was ready to change my mind and my lifestyle! I was still able to travel, eat out, and enjoy food but in moderation. I highly recommend Wendi’s plans! I know am cycling and entering several races and my fitness is at its peak condition. Don’t wait! Start today!”

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