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60-min Initial Consultation | $150.00

30-min Initial Consultation | $90.00

30-min Nutrition Check-In| $75.00

Question & Answer Session with Wendi |$85.00


Specialty Engagements Rates

High School Sports Presentation | $200.00

College Sports Presentation | $250.00

Event/Hourly Speaking/Presentation/Conference/Clinic |Please contact Wendi for Rates

High School Athlete Nutrition Coaching

Are you a mom or a dad  looking to learn more on the various topics of:

  • Strength/power nutrition
  • Injury prevention
  • Proper weight gain or weight loss
  • Food intolerances
  • Plant-based vs vegan
  • Endurance fueling
  • Supplements
  • Eating disorders
  • Hydration

This SIX-WEEK all-inclusive package includes:

-Weight gain and weight loss guidance

-Pre-competition & recovery nutrition programing

-Individualized energy recommendations & nutrient analysis

  • Grocery lists
  • Accountability and support
  • Meal planning for travel
  • Performance meal plans

Weekly email and bi-weekly virtual check-ins with the family to discuss meals, exercise, and lifestyle habits.

This is a great option for a family that has young athletes who need guidance on eating for optimal exercise performance.

This package is key for parents who may not know how to properly fuel their young athlete during their most important years.

***NEW NWW Lose It and Live It Program***

Wendi is excited to launch a 6-week group coaching program that helps both men and women stop dieting and start living! This program is custom-designed to help you lose weight, reach your goals, and build a lifestyle through a 3-phase program.

Wendi will walk you through this program week-by-week that is outlined in three key phases that include:

  1. Test, don’t guess! 
    • Identify where you are in your health and wellness
    • Successfully establish a S.M.A.R.T. goal
  2. Habits 101 (adding, subtracting, and successfully breaking habits)

    • Exercise
    • Water
    • Nutrition
    • Sleep
    • Mental health
  3. Living the new lifestyle
    • Consistently executing habits created during the program
    • Celebrating your new lifestyle with a new, and healthier outlook


Program resources include:

  • Accountability
  • Education
  • Support & community
  • Exercise & movement guidance
  • Greek yogurt parfait cup
  • Water bottle and journal
  • Individualized nutrition coaching
  • Grocery lists, meal planning, and healthy eating tips

The program launches in June! Be sure to enroll and reserve your spot TODAY!

Individual or FAMILY Nutrition Coaching with Wendi

Empowered eating, a good relationship with food, and being healthy begins with the family! Choose to work on your nutrition individually or with your family as a group!

Are you concerned about your children’s food intake, their growth, nutritional status, picky eating habits, and how it may affect them long-term?

Do you struggle to know how much food to prepare or what food? Going to the grocery store to pick out “good foods” to prepare but have no idea where to start?

Work with me and I will help you, and your family with a personalized approach to eating well. I will discuss specific needs, preferences, and provide guidance on building a healthy plate with proper portions.

We will work through a variety of topics on body image, healthy goal setting, sleep, water, eating variety for the entire family. You will receive handouts, resources, and guidance on how to live and eat without guilt. Knowledge is power!

 Nutrition Coaching Includes
-Initial 60-min virtual assessment
-30-min follow up sessions
-Supporting handouts, resources, and guidance
-Email and text support between sessions.

Through an assessment and initial consultation, we can discuss the needs of the family and how to meet them with optimism, grace, and education.

Stop dieting and start living by hiring Wendi!

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? You are not alone. Let’s  partner and help you achieve your goals once and for all!


Payment is expected at the time of your in-person visit, and prior to your virtual appointment.

I accept cash, check, payments made via Venmo, and all major credit cards via Square (3% CC fee). If you choose to schedule your own appointment, you will be kindly prompted to pay for the appointment to secure your time (within 24-hours).

**At this time I do not currently accept insurance but am happy to provide a receipt for potential reimbursement.

Contact Wendi for more information on health or fitness services.

I Work With a Wide Range of Expertise Including

Unhealthy, Extra Weight (Pediatric Overweight) Eating Disorders & Disordered Eating Picky Eating Underweight
Constipation, other GI disorders Food Allergies, Celiac disease Youth Sports Nutrition Healthy Eating for Kids

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