Student-Athlete Nutrition Coaching

We partner with both high school and college student-athletes on improving their nutrition and sleep to optimize health and physical performance!

Student-Athlete Nutrition Coaching Testimonials

“Wendi helped me take my nutrition to the next level so I could gain weight the right way!”

“I’ve always been an elite runner who ate well. Wendi helped me take my nutrition to the next level which supported my running!”

“Arica’s energy and mood improved within a few weeks of working with Wendi. She was willing to try new foods and get involved in the kitchen!”

Student-Athlete Nutrition Coaching

Are you a mom or a dad  looking to learn more on the various topics of:

  • Strength/power nutrition
  • Injury prevention
  • HEALTHY weight gain or weight loss
  • Food intolerances
  • Plant-based vs vegan
  • Endurance fueling
  • Supplements
  • Eating disorders
  • Hydration

This is a custom-designed program crafted by Wendi based on her several years of experience working with elite, and amateur athletes of all ages.

  • Weight gain and weight loss guidance
  • Pre-competition & recovery nutrition programing
  • Individualized energy recommendations & nutrient analysis
  • Grocery lists
  • Accountability and support
  • Meal planning for travel
  • Performance meal plans
  • Weekly email and bi-weekly virtual check-ins with the family to discuss meals, exercise, and lifestyle habits.

This is a great option for a family that has young athletes who need guidance on eating for optimal exercise performance. This package is key for parents who may not know how to properly fuel their young athletes during their most important years. We also work closely with college athletes at the peak of their careers!

There is a difference between being good and being great, and the underlying factor is our food and nutritional choices. Get started with our High School Athlete Nutrition Coaching today!