1:1 Adult and Group

Nutrition Coaching

Learn how finally to STOP dieting and start LIVING! We customize a plan using our results-based systems that are simple to follow and sustainable for life! Lose fat, and gain the strength and confidence you deserve! Wendi leads a men’s fat loss group every 3 months. We have now opened up a women’s fat loss group for women 35 YO and older to dial in their hormones and gain control of their health!

We help adults lose fat and gain muscle

If you are sick of dieting and done being confused by what you should eat to lose fat and gain muscle our month-to-month coaching is for you! We help you lose fat and gain muscle using our simple strategies.

Many folks have zero routines and they need systems. WE HAVE THE SYSTEMS and help you apply them to your life!


This results-based program takes place virtually with communication via email, text, and video check-ins.

Phase 1

Test, don’t guess! Systems help us reach our goals and you will learn the RIGHT system to be successful.

  • Identify goals + receive a plan on how to reach them
  • Receive custom macro/calorie breakdown + meals + snacks you like!
  • Use our tracking and measuring systems to assess progress with a coach hands-on
  • Grocery lists + recipes + tasty healthy treats
  • Tailored cardio + strength program custom to your goals
  • Group calls for accountability and support
  • Email support between

Phase 2

Review goals:

  • Two (60-minute zoom calls) to check in on the progress
  • Continue cooking meals + snacks according to plan
  • Nutrition and energy level check (do you like your meal plan?)
  • Sleep and stress management (make course corrections)

Phase 3

  • Communication continues over email + 2 (60-min zoom calls)
  • Consistently executing habits created during the program
  • Celebrating your new lifestyle with a new, and healthier outlook
  • Keep losing inches and weight with the habits you built during the program

**Participants are able to lose between 10-30 lbs in 3-6 months of coaching (disclaimer if you do the work and follow our plan you get results!)

“Wendi created me a plan to fuel both my training and body comp goals. I never thought I would get RESULTS with eating more! I don’t feel deprived, I enjoy the foods I eat and have more ENERGY by learning what to eat!”

Molly Jones, Utah Powerlifter

Fat loss is confusing, trying to get control of your hormones, and cravings, while finding time to exercise is challenging. Too often many want to do the right thing but are so confused by what the right thing is they give up. I don’t blame you. We take the guesswork out of diet and exercise. We tell you what to do to so you don’t have to worry about what diet or exercise program to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions and NWW 1:1 or Group Coaching Program

How will we connect?

Group or 1:1 video calls are held per week with your dietitian. The initial consultation is 60-min long Each follow-up call is 30-min long.

What can I expect?

Each session focuses on a different nutrition topic, including how to create healthy and balanced meals, healthy snacking, meal timing, honoring cravings, and emotional eating. You will learn new and healthy habits that will naturally replace old ones! In each session, group members will have the opportunity to talk and ask specific questions. The objective is to lose some weight and start feeling great and live out the habits for life. We will communicate during our group meetings. Outside communication is to be done in the Facebook group unless you have additional concerns contact the dietitian coach leading the sessions.

What if I can’t make one session?

It’s recommended that you block your calendar now for each of the weekly sessions. If you already know that you can’t make 2 or more sessions, consider waiting until the next group coaching starts in September. If you know that you can’t make 1 session, let the dietitian coach know ASAP and arrangements will be made. Videos will be recorded in between meeting times.

What if I need support between sessions?

Each group will be invited to a private Facebook group with the other MEMBERS, dietitian coach, and Wendi. In this group, you’re welcome to ask any questions and share ideas. Everything shared in this group will remain confidential between you, the other members, and your dietitian!

How do I join the group call?

Group video calls will be via Facebook Live in the private group coaching Facebook group. An appointment reminder will be sent the day before each call.

Who is accepted and what are the criteria?

Appropriate candidates are people looking to create sustainable and realistic healthy eating behaviors, do not have an active eating disorder and are highly motivated to make changes. This is not an inherent weight loss program, although it is likely you may lose weight from implementing these changes.

What’s the investment?

1:1 Month-to-month nutrition coaching is $650.00 per month. A minimum requirement of 3 months in order to enroll.

6 months of 1:1 coaching is $3,510.00 which can be broken down into 6 simple payments of$585.00 which is about a 10% discount off 3 monthly rates.


The 12-week 3-month group coaching program costs $1,950.  Payment is required before getting started. Men and women are split into separate groups as a reminder.

How can I get started?

Enroll in the buttons listed above which will prompt you to make the initial payment for the first month. If you do not wish to do that please contact us directly to enroll in either 3 months or 6 months of a group or 1:1 coaching by emailing Info@nutritionwithwendi.com.

We offer payment plans which are monthly payments varying based on group or 1:1 commitment.