Welcome to the Nutrition with Wendi Newsletter!

Welcome to the Nutrition with Wendi newsletter!
Hello there! My name is Wendi Irlbeck, and I founded Nutrition with Wendi, LLC. In 2019!

We serve both athletes of all ages, fitness levels, as well as the general population’s goal to simply, eat healthier. Thank you for your following and support! All Glory to God!

My team and I have created this newsletter to provide you with the most up-to-date health and performance nutrition tips supported by evidence, tasty and simple on-the-go recipes, and more – all delivered right to your inbox!

In order to make sure you receive these emails, please move this to your main inbox. Otherwise, this newsletter may go straight to spam. As a thank you for signing up, I have attached the FREE download featuring the recent blog on creatine and youth athletes, podcast appearances, WEIGHT GAIN resources and MORE!

The inspiration for creating this newsletter and more came from the variety of questions I’m asked daily  ‘what is creatine? How should my kid be eating to gain weight? How do I lose weight?’ Be sure to check out our menu of nutrition and coaching services here .

We have packed this newsletter with clickable links, meal options, recipes, and more. Hope you enjoy and have a blessed day!

In good health and wellness,

Wendi Irlbeck, MS, RDN, CISSN

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