Will Beaty, 16 YO Football Athlete Canton, MI

“Wendi and I started working together in December 2020. She has helped me create a routine with eating.  The first thing I learned after our consult was how to build a plate with all the food groups. We started out meeting on weekly check-in calls over Zoom where we talked about my meals and how to balance protein and carbs around my training.  Then we transitioned to monthly calls. Before meeting with Wendi I wasn’t eating my first meal until 11 am. She had me start eating breakfast every day upon waking along with more fruits and veggies. She made everything super simple to understand.  Eating more of the right foods earlier on energized me. Despite what the articles say about skipping meals and fasting. I know that kids shouldn’t skip meals because of Wendi. She helped me see past the confusing information that even my parents were misled by. I now know what snacks to eat between meals as well as what to eat before and after my training to support recovery.  It has become routine for me and even my family to plan out our meals and have things available for on the go. My energy is great, along with increases in my bench press PR, and have also lost weight that I knew was holding me back. So far I have lost over 50 lbs. and made co-captain of my football team. Wendi is encouraging and supportive. I recommend her to any family! Thanks, Wendi!”