Dr. Michael Schaefer, Ed.D. , Coach and Father

Wendi does a great job of explaining things in simple ways. I send her stuff to kids on my teams all the time (I coach football and basketball, plus my wife and I have 3 teenage athletes ourselves).  Her free creatine monohydrate guide in her 4-2-1 Friday breakdown newsletter was GREAT. She has so much info that you can download as a PDF for free to share out with anyone! I started our freshmen son on a 3rd party tested creatine monohydrate Wendi recommended in her graphic about a year ago.  Reading through all the creatine information she provided in her articles on her website along with countless others has helped tremendously.


Our son has gained 27 pounds in the past year.  It is not just creatine, but the nutrition information that is consistently provided. Her information also helps our two daughters. Wendi shares so many infographics, especially for female athletes and she is a female offering a perspective that relates to my daughters and others. It is better if it comes from someone else instead of always being always Dad telling them what they need to do.


I appreciate the work Wendi does and I would recommend anyone follow her and utilize her for your program. We hope to meet Wendi in person someday or hear her speak. She needs to keep doing what she is doing because it is helping so many athletes. Thank you for all you do Wendi and God bless you!



Dr. Michael Schaefer, Ed.D.
Head Football Coach Bishop Ready High School
Health/Physical Education Teacher Jones Middle School
Boys basketball Coach Jones Middle School
 Columbus/Upper Arlington, Ohio