Ryan Lennerton, Head Baseball Coach at A&M Consolidated High School in College Station, TX

“I was first told about Wendi by a friend that followed her on Twitter, and Instagram .  My friend said he started following her because she puts out INCREDIBLE content that is very relative and easy to follow for my players. I started printing out and posting Wendi’s athlete recommendations in our locker room for my players. Soon after I reached out to Wendi to schedule a virtual performance nutrition talk tailored towards my team. Wendi delivered high-quality information in easy-to-follow and implement ways for my players. We recorded the presentation and received a copy of the PDF.  Wendi is very good at relaying pertinent information in a way that today’s athletes can understand and relate to. My players began following her and even were able to get their questions answered. I would highly recommend working with Nutrition with Wendi because everything is professional and business-like with your athlete’s best interest in mind first!”

Ryan Lennerton

Head Coach at Consol Baseball

A&M Consolidated High School

College Station, TX






Book Wendi for a virtual team talk, or nutrition coaching for your HS or College athlete here. Wendi also has performance nutrition 101 presentations available for purchase. Wendi has worked with several teens and college athletes on eating for health and fueling for athletic performance. She is a sought-out speaker amongst coaches, parents, and sport science professionals looking for the most up-to-date science that can be translated into understandable terms to implement into the sport. Wendi is a former college athlete, has worked as a sports nutrition intern at both a D3 school with a limited budget (UW-Stout) and a power five school (The University of Florida) serving the most elite athletes.


Please reach out to Wendi for additional inquiries on practical applications for fueling both young and adult athletes! Read more testimonials from other coaches and those who have had success from hiring Wendi!

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