Amy Klein, mother of multi-sport athlete, South Dakota

“My teenage daughter has been working with Wendi over the last 3 months and it has been well worth it!  Wendi truly cares to help my child learn how to properly fuel her body and make her nutrition a priority.  Wendi has taught her how to know her needs and how to make nutrition a lifestyle, not just something temporary. It’s so easy to throw nutrition aside, however, learning a healthy lifestyle is a skill that will last a lifetime. Whether an athlete or not, teen or adult, having Wendi help you understand proper nutrition, not fad diets, will help you live and feel your best.  My daughter looks forward to their meetings (now that says something for a teen), and Wendi sincerely wants her to succeed as a person, student, and athlete. Wendi is so much more than a dietitian; she’s inspirational and wants you to be your best!  Hiring Wendi will be worth the investment!” –

Amy Klein, the mother of student-athlete Lilly who plays volleyball, basketball, runs cross country, and is actively involved in weight training.




Book Wendi for a virtual team talk, or nutrition coaching for your HS or College athlete here. Wendi also has performance nutrition 101 presentations available for purchase. Wendi has worked with several teens and college athletes on eating for health and fueling for athletic performance. She is a sought-out speaker amongst coaches, parents, and sport science professionals looking for the most up-to-date science that can be translated into understandable terms to implement into the sport. Wendi is a former college athlete, has worked as a sports nutrition intern at both a D3 school with a limited budget (UW-Stout) and a power five school (The University of Florida) serving the most elite athletes.


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