16 YO Female Cross Country Athlete Corrects Low Energy

“My daughter is a runner, who during her Freshman year of high school was found to have an iron deficiency, nagging injuries, irregular periods, fatigue, and bouts with illness.
I remember thinking she is just overdoing it.  I never really thought of her not getting enough to eat.  She is a good eater.  She loves fruit and did not shy away from vegetables.  So her pediatrician put her on an iron supplement, and we ate more red meat at dinner.  Still, she seemed to have problems with energy.
Their sophomore year her XC coach started to focus on nutrition, specifically on the need to improve fueling.  He provided Nutrition With Wendi’s webpage, and her social media accounts as a valuable resource.  As I began to follow Wendi, it became clear that my daughter was consistently under-fueling.
The isolated incidents from Freshman year no longer seemed so isolated, but rather a pattern.  Most importantly, my teen daughter knew this as well.  This summer rather than going to a running camp my daughter chose to work with Wendi to improve her nutrition. It was a great decision!! The Zoom sessions are organized and convenient!
Wendi helped my daughter establish clear goals and strategies to implement until the next session.  She creates a working document as a resource to have at your disposal.  Wendi really stressed the need for increasing calories (surprising how many calories are truly needed), and eating MORE protein. She began eating more meat, and actually hit the target 25 g Wendi recommend in her meal program!
Everything Wendi suggested came with very easy-to-understand visuals and specific answers to our questions! Wendi has information on so many topics we parents need help with. From inflammation to iron deficiency, female athlete needs, supplements, and breakfast on the go.  At the end of the day, buy-in was inevitable for my daughter!  Within two months, my daughter’s energy and mood have improved so much. She also integrated creatine monohydrate under Wendi’s guidance.
Most importantly, she has the energy to participate in a sport she loves without causing long-term damage to her health! Wendi’s coaching is worth the investment. She will help deliver the message of proper nutrition, sleep, and recovery in ways that will resonate with your children! Both my husband and I saw a huge difference in her energy, skin tone, and we could not be more thrilled for our daughter.”
NE Mother of 16 YO female XC runner
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