🦾Meet Bryce 9 YO baseball and basketball athlete

“Our goal of coaching with Wendi was to incorporate more nutritious options into our family meals & support Bryce’s growth as an athlete. Bryce wants to gain weight and we really wanted to make sure that we could help him do this healthfully! Wendi was able to effortlessly connect with Bryce and explain why we need to practice good nutrition for reasons that are important to him as a 9-year-old boy! ” -Mom Courtney
  • Wendi put things into terms that made sense to Bryce and he had a lot of fun during our sessions with her (some giggling was included!). Wendi also encouraged him to do a lot of the talking, which is so incredibly important for engagement.
  • Each week Bryce would pick a new goal and a new vegetable that we would all have together. I’m happy to report that our variety of vegetables has successfully expanded! We also learned how to add high-quality calories at the right time to help him with his goal of weight gain.
In Bryce’s words: “Wendi is really good at what she does. It made sense to me that my plate should have as much color as possible like the rainbow! She taught me about vitamins and minerals and why they are important. I now eat something with protein & carbs like chocolate milk or cheese with fruit right after games or practice for my muscles. She pushed me to try new fruits & veggies that I probably wouldn’t have tried.

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