One-On-One Coaching Sessions with Wendi Irlbeck

Custom performance nutrition consultation services

I offer tailored nutrition counseling and education with access to face-to-face, phone, or telehealth visits. My custom athlete coaching services are aimed at addressing specific demands the young athlete faces with fueling and hydrating.


Nutrition coaching helps answer your common questions as parents and coaches like:

How much protein should I eat?

What’s the best way to lose fat?

What should I eat before workouts?

How can I eat to avoid injury?

How many calories/carbs are SHOULD I eat?

How can I eat MORE food that’s good for me and not gain weight?

We work with both HS and college athletes on their nutrition plans!

How Does It Work?


Online Assessment

Start with my online assessment to identify where you’re currently at in your journey to optimal health or athletic performance!


Initial Consultation

I’ll review your assessment and schedule a 20 minute call to discuss how we could work together to reach your desired goals.



I design individualized meal plans, workouts, grocery lists, and more that are tailored specifically for you and your goals.


A Better You

We work together on an interval that makes sense for your health and performance goals for guidance and accountability for sustainable results.

I can help you

Achieve Weight Goals

Increase Strength

Improve Endurance

Plan Meals

Prevent Injury

Reduce Stress

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To the “Health coaches” 🤡who promote their “21-day fix” or “30-day cleanse”, my real question is.. But then what happens? If your methods aren’t sustainable your results won’t be. Stop dieting folks & start making small sustainable changes so you won’t have to ever “re-start”.🎤

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5 hours ago

Nutrition with Wendi
Do you eat enough protein⁉️Do you know what protein sources are ⁉️Do you wonder why our protein needs increase with activity or aging⁉️🤔 🤷‍♀️ Protein is a macronutrient that is vital to 💪building muscle mass. Most commonly found in animal products, though is also present in other 🌱sources like soy and peas. Protein is also found in nuts and legumes in lesser amounts.What does protein do❓📈Protein enhances muscle mass, strength, endurance, muscle recovery and power.📉Decreases inflammation, muscle protein breakdown.📝Here’s a few high-quality protein sources:🥩Beef🥚Eggs🐟Fish🥛Dairy🍤Shrimp🍗Poultry🥄Beans 🌱Pea proteinReasons to eat more high-quality protein daily-Muscle growth-Strengthens bones-Hormone regulation-Aids in quicker recovery-Supports lean mass gains-Suppresses appetite and promotes satiety-Prevents chronic ailments associated with aging-Protects immune system against illness and injury-Aids in weight loss during times of energy restrictionAre you getting enough 🥩high-quality protein in your meals⁉️ 🎯Adults should aim for 25-40g at a minimum per meals. Of course you can increase or decrease your protein to support your goals! As it always depends! 🤔What about our youth?A 2015 in the Journal of Nutrition found that adolescents who consumed high-protein afternoon snacks showed improved 📈appetite, satiety and diet quality. The teens also had improved moods and better 🧠cognition.Power up with protein + produce‼️Swipe to learn more⏭⏭⏭🖥Check the link in our bio or on 🍉NWW website for protein blogs and recommendations!#Creatine #athlete #fatloss #health #healthyaging ... See MoreSee Less
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My mission is to help you feel empowered and more confident in all aspects of life through tailored nutrition counseling and education. Find out how by taking your free assessment today.