Sports Nutrition Education with Wendi Irlbeck

Sports Nutrition Education and Athlete Counseling

I provide nutrition education for teams of all sizes, including one-on-one coaching, fueling for sport, assisting athletes with weight gain or loss goals.

I also work with athletes who may struggle to try new foods, have dietary restrictions or food allergies that may create challenges in proper fueling.

Who Can I Help?

High Schools and Collegiate Athletes

Businesses Looking to Boost Employee Health and Wellness!

 Organizations Looking to Offer Health and Wellness Incentives!

High School and Collegiate Coaches

I Help You Achieve Your Goals and Get Results

Meet Energy Demands

Increase Strength

Improve Endurance

Improve Body Compositions

Prevent Injury

Increase Overall Health

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Available to use as a source to educate student, athletes, coaches, sports med staff, and also serve as a fantastic resource! The most updated resources of pre-workout, post-workout, weight gain, creatine supplementation, sample meals, and MORE. Click 👇

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Nutrition with Wendi
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My mission is to help your team feel empowered and more confident in all aspects of life through tailored health and nutrition education. Find out how by reaching out.