Virtual Sports Nutrition Presentations, Custom Nutrition Education for your program, and 1:1 counseling and coaching sessions with a dietitian

We work with you and your team to improve strength, power, speed, and how reduce the risk of injury. Our presentations cover how to eat, and fuel, along with proper weight gain and weight loss principles for athletes. Partner with us as a subcription for 1:1 sessions, group presentations, and sports nutrition education materials available to all programs with custom mascots.  We’ll assess your program and athlete’s needs to reduce the risk of injury, enhance performance, integrate nutrient timing strategies, and build a foundation for championship athletics!

“Wendi delivers the best performance nutrition presentations of anyone I have ever seen. I highly recommend any coach or any team looking to improve their sports nutrition knowledge or anyone needing everyday nutrition consult with her. She is professional, energetic, and knowledgeable and gets your athletes to buy into proper eating, sleep, and recovery. Your athletes will walk away a clear-cut plan on what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, and how to properly recover. Her back-to-the-basics approach keeps it simple and actionable for any athlete at any age or level. Amazing work, Wendi.”

Chris Kranjc, Men’s USA Soccer

“Wendi is a great presenter who has a knack for delivering complex sports nutrition literacy in a very “digestible” down-to-earth approach. Her resources are exactly what programs need. Wendi is evidence-based and takes time to answer every single question our teachers and coaches have. She will help your staff to feel comfortable and confident in delivering nutrition content to your students and athletes! She recently spoke to us on how to fuel the plant-based athlete and the way she cleared up our confusion from the media is what sets her aside from other dietitians! Wendi keeps it simple and entertaining. I highly recommend her as a speaker for your next professional development presentation for YOUR organization!”

Joe P, Supervisor of PE & Health NJSIAA Athletic Trainer Award Elizabeth, NJ Public Schools.

“Wendi’s nutrition education programs will help you take your athletes to the next level! Our athletes, coaches, and parents now understand how to properly gain weight, hydrate, and time their meals and snacks before games as well as recover and sleep! Wendi helped us integrate a fueling station to help get our athletes more calories that they were missing from school meals. The meal and snack pairings she set us up with were game-changers. We experienced less muscle cramping, injuries, and heat-related illness during football camp. The coaching staff saw better ball handling during the extremely hot Texas camp. Wendi taught us which foods reduce inflammation and those that cause inflammation.  This injury and inflammation factor kept our athletes strong! This partnership and any of Wendi’s services are worth every penny! I highly recommend any high school or college invest in this partnership if you want to see your athletes thrive!”

Rusty Nail, Madisonville TX CISD Athletic Director

Fueling Champion Student Athletes

Coach and Athletic Director, Brad LaPlante out of Hutto, Texas shares why you and your program should invest in nutrition education services to improve the health of your students and athletic performance of your student-athletes!

Performance Nutrition Partnership Includes

Custom sports nutrition program!

Pre-workout meals and snacks

Weight gain!

Return to play following injury

Hydration & Recovery


Recordings of sessions & playbook included!

Performance Nutrition Partnership Info Video

We have worked with thousands of high schools, private facilities, and universities over the years!

No longer worry about finding credible sports nutrition resources. We remove the guesswork and help your program go from good to great!

Flexible monthly payment plans available!

The value of our sports nutrition program provides you:

Expertise: Expert Sports Registered Dietitians are nationally certified and have completed all the necessary educational requirements according to the Commission on Dietetic Registration

Systems: Experience success through accountability, motivation and encouragement in our results-based systems!

Convenience: Attend nutrition sessions from the comfort of your home via Zoom or your phone.

Presentation examples from previous partnerships

Education: Get a nutrition toolkit with recipes, pre-workout, post-workout, and meal plan handouts research-backed information to help build your healthiest live.

Objective: Achieve your desired results with the right information and goals for you; i.e. Gain lean mass, gain energy, prevent nutrient deficiencies, improve speed, strength, and recovery!

Individualization: Sports nutrition coaching targeted to your athletes, coaches, and program! Specific handouts with team mascot, school colors, and targeting biggest barriers in nutrition!

Meet Your NWW Dietitians and Sports Nutritionists

Wendi and her team are Registered Dietitians, certified sports nutritionists, and hold several advanced degrees in health, nutrition, and performance.


Wendi specializes in enhancing health, and athletic performance with a focus on injury prevention by improving metabolic efficiency using nutrient periodization. She works closely with teen, collegiate, and adult athletes of all calibers. Wendi is a former collegiate athlete, physique competitor, active writer, speaker, mentor, and international thought leader.


Coach Sophia works with endurance athletes and specializes in helping female athletes optimize their hormone levels. Sophia is currently working towards a Ph.D. and provides nutrition education to our partners and clients nationwide.


Coach Brenna works closely with our male football, baseball, soccer, LAX, swim, and other adult clients. Brenna is a fat loss expert and has undergone mentorship with Wendi to work closely with high school and college athletes on proper weight gain.

“Working with Wendi helped me improve my energy and performance beyond the mat. I learned what to eat and how much to eat around matches and practices. Wrestlers have a lot of pressure to maintain weight and Wendi helped me learn how to properly fuel and balance my plate. Every college athlete should work with a dietitian to ensure they are eating properly. Especially email athletes and wrestlers.”

Megan Vondrasek, women’s wrestling
Adrian College Adrian, Michigan

Ready to improve strength, prevent injury, learn proper fueling and increase endurance?

“Working with Wendi helped me understand how to properly fuel my body and that I needed more carbohydrates as a distance runner. We met on ZOOM regularly to review my nutrition, and fueling plan around my training as well as recovery.”

Caroline Schoen
Flossmoor HS, IL

“Working with Wendi was awesome! She helped me clear up my B12 deficiency, reduce acid reflux, lose 62 lbs, prepare for cycling competitions, and build healthy habits which included more protein! I highly recommend her services to anyone. She even helps plant-based eaters like me!”

Medical Professional

“Wendi and I met virtually for several weeks. She developed a custom plan to add muscle with simple guidelines that made it easy to follow. I was able to go from 174 lbs to 198 lbs in roughly five months! She helped me with an eating routine and fueling plan around training that also helped me recover stronger and faster! I highly recommend anyone work with Wendi if they want to be elite and gain lean mass the right way. Thank you, Wendi!”

Ryan C.

Sac State Baseball, California

carson 2022

“Wendi helped me understand what to eat at meals and snacks to gain weight. Along with the timing of my meals. We discussed sleep and drinking more fluid. I immediately had more energy in class and at training with her tips. “

Florida HS Football Athlete

“She has been working so hard in the pool, weight room and her nutrition. Fueling played a huge part in her success. Thank you Coach Sydney for all your help and advice.”

Mom of high school athlete

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