Couples & Adult Group Coaching

Work on building a healthy routine within your meals, exercise, sleep, and overall routine by working with a coach! We have helped several newly engaged couples, married couples, as well as young adults who simply want to crush life together!

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We highly recommend Wendi! She helped us as a couple navigates through all the fad diets and trends that are so overwhelming. She taught us how to simplify our choices of eating out and cooking at home and we have never felt better. We no longer feel tired middle of the day, have more energy to work out together after work, and feel confident in what we are doing has been a game changer! Couples Nutrition Coaching will change your life if you’re willing to change your mindset. We focused on small, consistent changes like more protein, water, and adding veggies in. We now know exactly how to eat, train, and pack for trips because of Wendi’s systems. We truly had no idea how fasting and skipping meals were hindering us and leading to overeating. We like to eat out at restaurants and travel a lot. Most diets make you feel like you can’t do that. Wendi helped us learn we can pack meals and snacks that keep us energized during travel and still on point with our goals. Even as a health professional, I find health info overwhelming. Especially with gut health confusion. We worked on reducing certain gut irritants which really helped improve how we felt throughout the day. She reviewed our labs, and nutrition, and taught us how to grocery shop over zoom. We had no idea how to read a label and pick out healthy foods because of how confusing everything is and marketed as “health food”. We had an amazing experience working with Wendi and learned countless tips and tricks about nutrition and our overall health. Wendi goes above and beyond to hold you accountable and help you reach your goals! We wanted to improve our health as a team before we got married. The changes we made to our nutrition, sleep, and fitness helped us gain the confidence to take our engagement photos and begin our lives together on the right foot! NWW will help you and your family reach your goals with ease and save you the stress of knowing what to do! We highly recommend her services to any family, individual, and especially any couple out there!”


-Emelie & Ryan, Michigan

No longer will you have to motivate yourself and your partner to eat more veggies, hit the gym, or build heathier habits with sleep and stress! We help couples work TOGETHER to achieve their goals.

There is a difference between being good and being great, and the underlying factor is our food and nutritional choices. Get started with Group Nutrition Coaching today!

Frequently Asked Questions about One-on-One Nutrition Coaching, Couples Coaching, and Group Nutrition Coaching

How will we connect?

Group video calls are held once per week, on Thursday evenings. Each call is 1 hour long. It’s recommended that you’re able to attend all 6 sessions. If you’re unable to make a session, please let Wendi know in advance so that other arrangements can be made.

What can I expect?

Each session focuses on a different nutrition topic, including how to create healthy and balanced meals, healthy snacking, meal timing, honoring cravings, and emotional eating. You will learn new and healthy habits that will naturally replace old ones! In each session, group members will have the opportunity to talk and ask specific questions. The objective is to lose some weight and start feeling great and live out the habits for life. We will communicate during our group meetings. Outside communication is to be done in the Facebook group unless you have additional concerns to contact Wendi with.

What if I can’t make one session?

It’s recommended that you block your calendar now for each of the weekly sessions. If you already know that you can’t make 2 or more sessions, consider waiting until the next group coaching starts in September. If you know that you can’t make 1 session, let Wendi know ASAP and arrangements will be made. Videos will be recorded in between meeting times.

What if I need support between sessions?

Each group will be invited to a private Facebook group with the other MEMBERS and Wendi. In this group, you’re welcome to ask any questions and share ideas. Everything shared in this group will remain confidential between you, the other members, and Wendi.

How do I join the group call?

Group video calls will be via Facebook Live in the private group coaching Facebook group. An appointment reminder will be sent the day before each call.

Who is accepted and what are the criteria?

Appropriate candidates are people looking to create sustainable and realistic healthy eating behaviors, do not have an active eating disorder and are highly motivated to make changes. This is not an inherent weight loss program, although it is likely you may lose weight from implementing these changes.

What’s the investment?

The 6-week group coaching program costs $599.99 IN total. Payment is required before getting started.

How can I get started?

Sign up for the waitlist to be the first to hear when the next group opens up. There are only 6 spots, so if you’re interested, apply soon after getting an application! You’ll hear from Wendi within 24 hours to let you know whether you are accepted. If you miss out on the next round of group coaching, don’t worry! There will be another one starting a few months later.