NWW’s Protein Puppy Chow

Here is one of the special holiday treats that I created during my “vacation” week as a dietetic intern in 2017. Just simple 5 ingredients, 3-5 minutes and you’re enjoying a healthier yet still sweet treat to ring in the new year! This protein puppy chow makes for a great quarantine indulgence or at the next party, you attend!


  • Whole-grain Chex mix cereal (4 cups)
    • I highly recommend using a lower sugar and higher fiber cereal option (Kashi, Kind, or even Catalina Crunch)
  • 100 % peanut butter or almond butter (3/4 cup)
  • During the time I developed this recipe in 2017 I used Smucker’s creamy peanut butter. However, I highly recommend using Nut’s n’ More, Rx Nut butter, or high-quality peanut butter that does not contain additional fillers. *A good peanut butter will contain peanuts and a pinch of salt for those asking.
  • Coconut Oil (2 tbsp.)
    • Great way to thin the mixture out but add additional sweetness.
  • White chocolate chips or dark chocolate chips (3/4 cup)
    • I personally love white chocolate and encourage you to try it. Most recipes call for milk or dark chocolate chips but as I said, grab the white chocolate chips and you won’t be disappointed!
  • Whey protein powder isolate (2 scoops)
    • I used Dymatize vanilla whey protein powder but you can swap it with any good quality whey protein. Quest, BiPro, or any other whey protein is satisfactory! This will replace the powdered sugar used in the traditional puppy chow. You can use vanilla, chocolate, or any yummy flavor.


  1. Large mixing bowl, add Chex cereal, and set aside.
  2. In a glass microwave-safe bowl or stovetop, add peanut butter with chocolate chips and heat until melted. Stir together with a large mixing spoon until smooth. Melt coconut oil last.
  3. Pour the chocolate chip/peanut butter mixture over the dry cereal. Stir well and prepare to stir softly to not crush the check mix cereal. Be sure to coat evenly. Allow cooling for only two minutes.
  4. Take a gallon zip-lock bag and add 1 scoop of protein powder to one bag and add the other scoop of whey protein powder to another gallon zip-loc bag for two separate bags. Scoop 1/2 mixture of the chocolate/peanut butter check mix into each of the gallon zip-lock bags.
  5. Zip the bags up and shake shake shake the entire Chex cereal is covered. Add additional whey protein powder as you see fit.
  6. Place in the fridge for 15-min or freezer for 45-minutes. Enjoy cold or room temperature! Personally, when I make these I put one bag on the counter to snack on post-workout and one bag in the freezer for a sweet treat!