About Wendi Irlbeck

Master of Science and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist 

I strongly believe there is a difference between being good and being great, and the underlying factor is our food and nutrition choices.

I am a Christian,  former college athlete, physique competitor, a passionate health, and fitness professional with a drive to help support both athletes and the general consumer succeed with their goals.  I work with a wide array of clients that include young athletes, general consumers focused on being healthier, those desiring to lose the weight for GOOD to the elite-athlete.I specialize in performance nutrition by trait, working with athletes of all ages which include the elite and recreationally active.

As a Christian, my calling is much greater than just performance nutrition. I don’t teach people how to eat for a day, I teach people how to shop, prepare, cook, and eat for a lifetime! If you simply want to focus on general health, eating around activity, eating for optimal wellness-longevity, weight loss, weight gain or just simply desiring guidance on navigating the kitchen? Rest assure you have come to the right place! I can help you, I will never judge you and you no longer have to feel like you’re spinning your wheels hoping from one plan to the next.

I am here to serve you collectively to achieve your next level of self-using an evidence-based approach that is biblical and individualized.  With God all things are possible! The beauty of working with Nutrition with Wendi is joining a community of other like-minded individuals who desire their highest form of self that keeps God as the center.

Turkey Tacos

Eating a well-balanced diet that contains high-quality lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and living an active lifestyle is paramount for physical and mental well-being. Being healthy also means having a healthy relationship with food where all foods fit.  As a health and nutrition professional, I find fulfillment not only in helping athletes perform at their best, but also in providing evidence-based nutrition and fitness recommendations to guide individuals to achieve their best self. Food is so much more than fuel and I believe knowledge through education and counseling empowers individuals to make choices that support the life they want to live.

In a world full of shakes, supplements, and fad diets I’m here to help you learn the tools for lifelong health and success. It’s time to get back to the basics by eating real foods that fuel our bodies and minds. Nutrition with Wendi is not a “me” thing, but a “WE thing”. Together we will help you create an individualized nutrition and fitness plan that meets your needs while creating healthy sustainable habits along the way.

The goal of Nutrition with Wendi is to serve those who aspire to improve and excel in their athletic performance and health. We define success by transforming each individual, athlete and competitor in their respective goals. Nutrition can make a good athlete great or a great athlete good! It is paramount to control your controllables. Nutrition is a controllable.

Who do I work with?

Grilled chicken, fruit, salad and sweet potato fries

Competitive and Recreational Athletes

Quality food choices can help you prepare for your next event with greater success.

Plate of turkey and vegetables

Business Professionals

Life is fast paced, let me teach you how to fuel your body and mind between meetings and events.

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Coaches, Groups, and Organizations

Nutrition education, speaking engagements or fueling for sports presentations to teams of all sizes.

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