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Master of Science, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and Certified Sports Nutritionist

Wendi strongly believes there is a difference between being good and being great, and the underlying factor is our food and nutritional choices!

Wendi is a follower of Jesus and a devoted Christian that uses her God-given talents and abilities to help others as a means to Glorify Christ. Wendi is a well-known, virtual registered dietitian, writer, speaker, performance nutritionist, and healthy lifestyle coach. She utilizes evidence-based science to create nutrition programs so athletes can optimize performance, minimize health risks, and enhance recovery from training while focusing on injury prevention. She partners with parents, sports performance staff, special needs, and recreational athletes and organizations to eat and fuel for success. Wendi also works with the general population on healthy eating. In addition to lifestyle coaching, she makes her rounds presenting across the country and even in Canada.

Wendi has presented at various conferences and clinics. To name a few, the University of Regina in Canada, the University of Northwestern in Iowa, Northwestern State Clinic, Michigan State High School Strength and Conditioning Association clinic.


Wendi is a former college athlete, with over a decade of experience in the health and fitness industry. Wendi earned both her B.S. and M.S. at the University of Wisconsin-Stout and has spent time learning from several professionals in the field. She even landed a competitive sports nutrition internship at the University of Florida in 2016 while wrapping up her M.S. degree.  Wendi offers virtual nutrition coaching services across the USA, Canada, and the UK. She is available to travel on-site for events and clinics but is currently based in Grand Rapids, MI.

She is here to serve you collectively to achieve your next level of self-using an evidence-based approach that is biblical and individualized.  With God all things are possible! The beauty of working with Nutrition with Wendi is joining a community of other like-minded individuals who desire their highest form of self that keeps God as the center.


When you partner with Wendi you are joining a community and a culture. You are never alone, it’s never a “me” thing but a “WE” thing! It’s all for Him.

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Eating a well-balanced diet that contains high-quality lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and living an active lifestyle is paramount for physical and mental well-being. Being healthy also means having a healthy relationship with food where all foods fit.  As a health and nutrition professional, I find fulfillment not only in helping athletes perform at their best, but also in providing evidence-based nutrition and fitness recommendations to guide individuals to achieve their best self. Food is so much more than fuel and I believe knowledge through education and counseling empowers individuals to make choices that support the life they want to live.

In a world full of shakes, supplements, and fad diets I’m here to help you learn the tools for lifelong health and success. It’s time to get back to the basics by eating real foods that fuel our bodies and minds. Nutrition with Wendi is not a “me” thing, but a “WE thing”. Together we will help you create an individualized nutrition and fitness plan that meets your needs while creating healthy sustainable habits along the way.

The goal of Nutrition with Wendi is to serve those who aspire to improve and excel in their athletic performance and health. We define success by transforming each individual, athlete and competitor in their respective goals. Nutrition can make a good athlete great or a great athlete good! It is paramount to control your controllables. Nutrition is a controllable.

Who do we work with?

Grilled chicken, fruit, salad and sweet potato fries

Competitive and Recreational Athletes

Quality food choices can help you prepare for your next event with greater success.

Plate of turkey and vegetables

Business Professionals

Life is fast paced, let me teach you how to fuel your body and mind between meetings and events.

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Coaches, Groups, and Organizations

Nutrition education, speaking engagements or fueling for sports presentations to teams of all sizes.

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Nutrition with Wendi
✨ Smoothie tips.. make sure you put your liquid in the bottom first then add ingredients:🥛Whey protein 💪Greek yogurt 🌱Spinach 🥄Chia/flax🫐BerriesHere I have added pre-made frozen fruit & veggie ice cubes 🧊 made with milk. Great way to sneak in those veggies and fruits without the taste for your kiddos or self! 🌟Create smoothie cubes made from fruit , milk and veggie you’re also also saving time! ✂️ Cut down on produce 🍌waste by putting any fresh produce near spoiling into freezer baggies and freezer! Or you can blend any produce🍌🍓🫐🥒🥦 into smoothies and making your own ice cubes.✅Great way to add more nutrition on-the-go!✨Recipes and ideas on our website (click the link in our bio)Additional resources on increasing fruit & veggie intake for athletes and picky eaters can be found in a blog I authored for @simplifaster👇:7️⃣Ways to Get More Vegetables in Your Young Athlete’s Diet found 👉 simplifaster.com/articles/young-athletes-eat-more-vegetables/Eat the rainbow 🌈. It’s better to count colors instead of calories 😉!! ⚡️Don’t forget to power up with protein and produce my friends! Have a blessed, healthy, and safe weekend 😎. ... See MoreSee Less
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